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Detailed info on memberships, price list and prices for vouchers

The basic list prices have been the same since 2018:

  • When paying in Cash, the prices are still the same since 2018, due to changes in energy prices
  • Payment in cash is reduced by approx. -5% off Cashless Prices
  • Prices for non-cash payments are the same since the beginning of 2020 (increased only 15.03.2022 due to changes in energy prices) and are the Basic rental prices
  • The amount of discounts when paying in cash or non-cash is still the same for individual memberships from 2018, discounts apply to space rental, do not apply to massages, drinks, packages and additional assortment:
    • GOLD membership - discount approx. 10%
    • PLATINUM membership - discount approx. 12%

The only thing we had to adjust due to an unforeseen situation is from 01.01.2021 a reduction in the amount of discounts on vouchers from the Basic List Prices:

  • for Unregistered clients - 4% discount on vouchers
  • for registered clients with basic BASIC membership - 6% discount on vouchers
  • for GOLD membership - 10% discount on vouchers
  • for PLATINUM membership - 15% discount on vouchers
  • voucher prices are now calculated from the Cashless prices from the basic price list

The most advantageous now for GOLD and PLATINUM membership is payment in CASH at the establishment.

Despite this REDUCTION of discounts, vouchers for our registered clients on our website remain the cheapest compared to other websites where our vouchers may be for sale

How do you get individual memberships?

- Unregistered client - each visitor to the website without entering their Login name and password

- Registered client / contact with BASIC membership - is every website visitor who has registered with us in the system without having any rental made

- GOLD membership - is obtained by the client if he has 5 leases

- PLATINUM membership - the client obtains if he has 10 rentals or it is a contact that was with us from the opening of the operation until August 2019, where the first visitors all received this membership forever

- Star EXCLUSIVE - obtained by the client if the number of his number vs. The number of unrealized reservations is 4: 1 and has the resulting advantages as a VIP client, such as the possibility of booking in the future LAST moment without a booking fee, sending preferential special discounted limited offers and more.

5 zones for the perfect relaxation
We want you to enjoy relaxation in romantic, unique, pleasant environment with maximum feeling of relaxation.
zona 1
zona 2
zona 3
zona 4
zona 5
Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone VIP
Type of whirlpool
Perfect hottube Canadian 201x150
Luxury hottube Hotspring 213x213
Luxury hottube Hotspring 213x213
Luxury hottube Hotspring 213x213
Luxury hottube Hotspring 213x213
We are preparing - Finnish
It's not
Yes - Finnish sauna
Yes - Infrared sauna
Yes - Finnish sauna
Ideal number of people
2 persons
2 persons
2-4 people
2 persons
2-6 people
Max. zone capacity
3 persons
4 persons
4 persons
4 persons
6-8 persons
Recommended length
for 1-2 hours
for 2-3 hours
for 2-3 hours
for 2-3 hours
for 2-3 or more hours
Zone size
18 m2
22 m2
27 m2
25 m2
42 m2